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Battery-powered operation

Glove80 can be USB-powered or battery-powered. Each half of Glove80 has a separate lithium-polymer battery, and is powered independently.


To charge one half of Glove80, simply plug the half into a PC or USB charger with a USB-C cable. Typical charge time is around 3 to 4 hours.

You can continue to use Glove80 while charging.

Battery charging status and battery level

Glove80 has indicators to indicate the battery charging status and battery level of both halves.

Please see the section on Battery indicators for further details.

Battery saving with RGB Underglow

RGB LEDs can consume a lot of power, especially at peak brightness. To extend the battery life, Glove80 implements an automatic mechanism for the RGB underglow feature:

  • When the battery level is below 20%, Glove80 will automatically limit the maximum brightness of RGB Underglow.
  • When the battery level is below 10%, Glove80 will automatically disable the RGB Underglow feature. However, the Indicators function will continue to operate.

Configuring the RGB underglow

Depending on the product configuration of your Glove80, it has either RGB LEDs under all keys on both halves or has RGB LEDs under the keys on the left half only.

The RGB underglow displays beautiful patterns on your Glove80. On the default key layout, the RGB underglow function is controlled on the Magic Layer by the keys highlighted in the diagram below.

Magic layer RGB

The RGB functions on the Magic Layer
  • Toggle: Turns the RGB Underglow function on and off
  • Effects: Switch to the next underglow effect
  • Bright+/Bright-: Controls the brightness
  • Hue+/Hue-: Controls the hue
  • Satur+/Satur-: Controls the saturation
  • Speed+/Speed-: Controls the speed of the effect

Battery saving

When the battery runs low, RGB Underglow will be dimmed or switched off completely to extend battery life. For more details please see the Battery saving with RGB Underglow section.