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Re-leveling the Glove80 without tenting

Glove80 may need re-leveling to ensure it sits flat and stable on your desk.

To re-level Glove80

  1. Place one half of Glove80 on a flat surface. Turn all adjustable feet (five if palm rest is attached, three if palm rest is removed) clockwise until they are at their highest position.
  2. Slightly lift the thumb cluster to tilt the Glove80 towards its outer (pinky-finger) side, so that it is resting only on the three outer feet (two if palm rest is removed). Turn the adjustable outer feet counter-clockwise until all three feet sit flat on the desk.
  3. Place the thumb cluster back on the desk surface. Turn the three adjustable legs on the thumb-cluster side (two if palm-rest removed) until all feet sit flat on the desk.

[Optional] Firmly securing the adjusted feet

Materials needed:

  • O-rings


Please see Tenting, tilting and custom mounting accessories for a visual guide.

When slightly extended, Glove80’s adjusted feet can move in their threads, and so can lose their positioning through tiny changes over time. To prevent this, your Glove80 comes with a set of silicone O-rings which can be used to firmly secure the feet at different levels of adjustment. To use the O-rings to secure a foot:

  1. Pick an O-ring that is slightly thicker than the size of the gap when the foot is properly adjusted. You can use two or more O-rings to secure larger gaps.
  2. Take off the foot by rotating the foot counter-clockwise until it comes off.
  3. Slip the chosen O-ring(s) onto the foot’s threaded rod.
  4. Replace the foot and adjust it until it is once again level on the desk. You should feel the O-ring being compressed and holding the foot firmly in position. If you don’t, the O-ring is too thin: please replace it with a thicker O-ring or add another O-ring.


Two O-rings slid onto the threaded rod, before adjusting the feet until the keyboard sits level on the desk