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The story behind Glove80

Thank you for choosing Glove80. Glove80 is not your usual keyboard. It was designed by a bunch of keyboard warriors for themselves.

We are a small group of I.T. professionals, suffering from RSI and OOS. We needed a good ergonomic keyboard to do our jobs.

Nothing available has been good enough. We were using contoured keyboards, but we knew we could make one much better. A keyboard that would fit more hands and be more comfortable for all of us.

And so we did! We began in 2014. We had no idea how difficult it would be. Hundreds of variations and experiments later,1 we finally made the keyboard we were happy with.

For five years, we used these keyboards as our daily drivers. We knew we had a great keyboard on our hands.

The news was getting out. Our friends were clamoring to get their hands on one of our keyboards. In 2021, Stephen took up this challenge and re-designed Glove80 for mass manufacturing. The same battle-tested ergonomics, distilled into a product anyone can use. The end result was the keyboard you now hold in your hands.

Glove80 is a labor of love. We hope you will love it too. Thank you for believing in Glove80.

Original MoErgo Prototype

An earlier iteration of Glove80 that was our daily driver for years