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Building firmware

This functionality requires logging into your account.

Glove80 Layout Editor provides a quick and simple way to build firmware. Unlike the traditional ZMK approach, there is no need to create a Github repository, nor to install a compiler toolchain on your computer.

To build firmware for a layout you are viewing, click on the Build Firmware button.

To build firmware for a layout you are currently editing, click on the Build Firmware button. Upon successful generation of firmware, a copy of the layout will be automatically saved and you will be redirected to view the saved layout.

Loading the firmware onto the Glove80

Please see the Glove80 User Guide "Loading new ZMK firmware onto your Glove80" section for details.

Limits on number of builds

To ensure that everyone has a fair opportunity to build firmware through the Glove80 Layout Editor, there are daily and weekly limits on the number of builds a user can build.

It is unlikely that you will ever reach these limits. However if you do reach the limit, please wait a while.