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Getting started

In your favorite browser that is supported by Glove80 Layout Editor, visit

That’s it. No application installation is required.

Creating an account

You don’t need an account to use Glove80 Layout Editor to design a layout and to generate a ZMK keymap file.

However an account is needed to:

  • Save your layouts
  • Build firmware within the Glove80 Layout Editor

To create a Glove80 Layout Editor account, click on the Sign-Up on the menu bar, or visit

Starting your first Glove80 Layout

From the front page of the Glove80 Layout Editor, you can


If you were previously using a Kinesis Advantage keyboard (just like all of us who designed and tested Glove80), we have created a layout that mimics Kinesis Advantage’s default layout to help you migrate. Over time, you may want to take advantage of Glove80’s improved thumb cluster by moving more keys into the thumb cluster, but there is no need to rush; you can do it at your own pace.

Front page

Layout Editor front page