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What’s in the box?

What's in the box

Inside the box are:

  • Glove80 keyboard (a pair of 2 halves)
  • USB-A to USB-C cable
  • Glove80 travel case (Revision 2 only)

Keycaps and keycap puller

The following keycaps and accessories are included:

  • A set of 6 extra labeled keycaps
  • 4 MCC blank keycaps
  • 2 MBK blank keycaps as optional homing keycaps (Revision 2 only)
  • A keycap puller

Tenting, tilting and custom mounting accessories

Tenting and mounting accessories

Glove80 is designed to be highly customizable to fit your exact preference. The following accessories are included to let you adjust the tenting angle, tilting angle and to perform custom mounting:

  • A set of extra M4 threaded rods for high-angle tenting
  • 4 of M4 x 16mm
  • 4 of M4 x 35mm
  • 2 of M4 x 45mm
  • 2 full-height M4 nuts for tenting (for the tall palm rest leg)
  • 12 half-height M4 nuts for tenting (for other legs)
  • 12 extra feet for high-angle tenting and custom mounting
  • 12 extra silicone bumpers for high-angle tenting and custom mounting
  • 12 O-ring OD 5.5mm ID 3.5mm (Revision 2 only)
  • 12 O-ring OD 6.5mm ID 3.5mm (Revision 2 only)
  • A M4 spanner

A look at Glove80

Glove80 is a split keyboard, consisting of a left half and a right half.

The left half is called the Central in ZMK vocabulary and acts as the “brain” of Glove80. When connected to a host like a PC or a phone the connection is always made with the left half. The left half communicates with the right half (which is called the Peripheral in ZMK vocabulary) through a Bluetooth Low Energy connection.

When connecting Glove80 to a host with a USB cable, the USB cable must be plugged into the left half. When Glove80 is connected to the host via Bluetooth Low Energy (BT Low Energy or BLE), the left half is the half that is talking to the host wirelessly.

Top view of Glove80

Top view of Glove80
  • Concave key wells: Keys to type with your four fingers on each hand
  • Thumb cluster: Keys to type with your thumbs
  • Detachable palm rest: Optional palm rest

Back view of Glove80

Back view of Glove80
  • Power button: For switching off power. Please note that it is still possible to charge the battery even when powered off.
  • USB port: For connecting to the host (left half only), updating firmware, and battery charging.

Bottom view of Glove80

Bottom view of Glove80
  • Fixed leg: The leg that is not height adjustable
  • Adjustable legs: Legs that are height adjustable
  • Side-car anchor studs: two M2.5 studs for attaching a sidecar add-on
  • Palm rest thumb screws: For attaching the palm rest to the keyboard