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All of us are different. We have different hand shapes and sizes. We use different applications and we have different habits. We are simply different. Glove80 is designed to adapt to you and your needs, with its highly configurable hardware design and software/firmware as well.

Glove80 Layout Editor is an web application designed to simplify the customization of your Glove80 ergonomic keyboard. With Glove80 Layout Editor you can change the function of each key. It is a complementary service provided by MoErgo, and is subject to its own terms and conditions.

Glove80 Layout Editor is designed to be social, so that the Glove80 user community can share layout and layout ideas. With Glove80 Layout Editor, you can clone a layout shared by another community member, and quickly modify it to make it your own.

Glove80 Layout Editor is super easy to use. There is no installation needed. Just create an account and get going within minutes.

Technical requirements

  • Web browser: Chrome, Safari or Firefox
  • Device: PCs with compatible web browser

Due to the exceptionally broad range of mobile devices, mobile devices are not officially supported. However we aim to provide a decent level of support, and we do test Glove80 Layout Editor with Chrome browser on Android devices.

Alternative methods to generate customized Glove80 firmware

If you would prefer not to use a graphical user interface to create your Glove80 layout, the traditional ZMK methods are there for you.

Please see: